Opportunities for Legal Professionals

"Legal professionals" includes judges (all levels), attorneys (all types), law enforcement pros (all levels), and the people who teach, examine, support, hire, write about, and license them.

Premise - most (all?) people who commit crimes and/or use the legal system to force their will on other people are victims of the [wounds + unawareness] cycle - and they don't know it. Legal pros have an exceptional opportunity to teach them about the cycle, its effects, and how to break it.

Examples: instead of ordering domestic violence and drunk-driving defendants to "anger management" or "addiction" classes," order them to take Lesson 1 here. Prisons could mandate that inmates must learn about their subselves, wounds, and wound recovery. Di-vorce attorneys could urge litigants to take Lessons 1 and 2 to mi-nimize conflict and expense. The people who instruct and certify legal professionals could require them to understand the cycle, and use their knowledge to help perpetrators, victims, colleagues, and litigators.

Legal pros need to first assess their own families for wounds, re-duce them, and experience the benefits. This will give them motiva-tion and authority to advise others to do the same.