Opportunities for Professional Mediators

Premise - people and groups need "mediation" because they (a) can't problem-solve effectively, (b) may be controlled by a false self (wounded), and (c) don't know this and what to do about it.

Professional mediators strive to respect and hear both sides ob-jectively, and find a viable compromise between disagreeing parties. This is the essence of effective problem-solving.

Mediators - and those who train, hire, and evaluate them - have a unique opportunity to alert conflicted people and groups to personal-ity subselves, false-self dominance and psychological wounds (Les-son 1), and effective communication basics and skills (Lesson 2). This is like teaching a starving person to fish (feed themselves), vs. giving them a fish.

Mediators are most apt to alert others if they have assessed themselves and their family for significant wounds, and experienced the benefits of reducing their wounds. If you're a mediator and believe you communicate effectively, see how you fare on this quiz. Then upgrade your skills and outcomes by applying Lesson 2.