Opportunities for Medical Professionals

"Medicine" has been associated with "improving health" through-out human history. People who commit to a medical profession have a special opportunity to alert the public to the toxic effects of the [wounds + unawareness] cycle and how to prevent them.

By definition, their patients, students, and co-workers are already highly interested in healing. So practitioners, medical authors, re-searchers, instructors, pharmacists, consultants, technicians, eval-uators, and medical associations like the AMA have ready-made audiences to educate on personality subselves and wounds, wound assessment, and prevention - starting with their own families.

Psychiatrists are in a uniquely opportune place because they study both physical and mental health. Media pros who specialize in medical news are also in a powerful position to alert their audiences to the cycle and how to break it. So are are their producers and pub-lishers.

If you're in a health-related profession, I propose that you have a moral obligation to alert others to this unseen pandemic cycle and how to stop it. If you don't, you're probably ruled by a false self, which is causing you to violate your own integrity and the mission of your profession. Notice your reaction to this blunt proposal.