About Problem-solving (Conflict Resolution)

        Human "problems" are unmet emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. All behavior, including communicating, aims to reduce current needs (discomforts) to tolerable - i.e. to "solve problems."

        Adults and children rely on awareness, knowledge, and com-municating to maintain elusive comfort. Survivors of low-nurturance childhoods need to learn how to communicate effectively in adult-hood. A symptom of our national need to do this is the unremarked U.S. divorce epidemic, which hurts well over half of our exploding population - more than AIDS.

        self-improvement Lesson 2 outlines 7 communication skills you can develop, use, and teach your kids. The seventh skill is win-win prob-lem solving. It uses true-Self leadership + a mutual-respect attitude + the other six skills to (a) identify current primary needs in two or more subselves or people and (b) cooperatively brainstorm available solutions. Rather than problem-solve, typical unaware adults use in-effective strategies like these to try to fill their current needs.   //  video clip  /  more detail