About Communication Sequences and Patterns

       Communication occurs when one person's behavior causes a significant reaction in another person.

        A communication sequence is an series of actions and reac-tions (1) within a person (among their subselves) or (2) between two or more people. A sequence has a beginning event ("Dick cleared his throat") and a reaction > reaction > reaction chain until some ending event ("Jane left the room.") Common sequences are asser-tions, conflict resolutions, giving and receiving praise,. Try mapping an important sequence for more perspective.  

        A communication pattern is a series of sequences over time - e.g. "We usually follow this action > reaction > outcome sequence when we discuss money."

        Use awareness skill to (a) identify your sequences and pat-terns, (b) spot and reduce communication blocks, and to (c) in-crease win-win outcomes. This is most likely if each partner's Self solidly guides their personality and holds a mutual-respect attitude.

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