About  Family Legal Disputes

 Most (all?) states have a "family court" to handle legal disputes among family members - specially those involving minor children. It's sadly common that divorcing adults rely on legal action to resolve ar-guments over divorce settlements, asset ownership, adoptions, par-enting agreements, child custody, orders of protection, and similar matters.

    When this occurs, it is a sure sign that one or more of the litigants (a) are wounded survivors of a low-nurturance childhood, who (b) are unaware of effective-communication basics and skills.

    Common outcomes of using legal force are (a) raised resentments, dislike, enmity, and distrust among the disputants; (b) polarization of family members into opposing camps; (c) financial stresses; psycho-logical wounding of minor kids; and (d) slow-healing emotional scars among family members.

    These results are often amplified because most attorneys judges, and professional mediators are unaware of family dynamics and re-alities - specially in divorcing and step families.

    A far more productive alternative to court actions is family members studying and applying this course - specially Lessons 1 (heal psycho-logical wounds) and 2 (learn effective communication skills)!

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