Common Symptoms of Incomplete Grief

        Healthy mourning can be slowed or blocked by psychological wounds + unawareness + lack of inner and social  permissions + a low-nurturance environ-ment. Incomplete grief seems to be a widespread personal and family stressor. It promotes a range of psychological, physical, and relationship problems until the causes above are permanently reduced. Common symptoms (vs. "proof") of these causes include...

Chronic or anniversary "depression"

Chronic dednials, repression, mini-mizing, and/or "forgetting"

Chronic illness/es, headaches, and
mood, sleep, and digestive problems

Extreme reactions to others' losses

Notably avoiding certain topics, peo-ple, places, activities, or mementos

rying at times "for no reason"

Chronic irritability and rage, and some muscle spasms

Addictions, including sugar, fat, tobacco, and overactivity

Obesity and some eating disor-ders

Obsessively enshrining or purging mementos of lost things

Chronic emotional numbness or

  Lesson 3 focuses on freeing blocked grief, and growing pro-grief families.

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