About Grown Wounded Children (GWCs)

        Premise from 36 years' clinical research: young chil-dren deprived of adequate psychological and spiritual nur-turance automatically develop a "false self" (leaderless per-sonality) to survive. Here, a GWC is a person who (a) sur-vived a low-nurturance childhood and (b) is probably unaware of up to six significant false-self wounds. Without awareness and healing typical GWCs choose other GWCs for partners repeatedly, and unintentionally pass on psychological wounds to their kids as their ancestors did.

        Unseen GWC wounds and their impacts are probably one of two main reasons over half of Americans divorce le-gally or psychologically. The other reason is ineffective communication. Once aware, GWCs can intentionally re-duce their wounds and guard against passing them on via self-motivated personal recovery. In this Web site, Lesson 1 focuses on wound-assessment and healing. Many average people (like you?) are unrecovering GWCs.

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