What is Recovery (Wound Reduction)?

        This nonprofit stress-prevention site proposes that typical U.S. adults and ancestors inherited significant psychological wounds: a leaderless personality; excessive shame, guilts, fears, and/or reality distortions; and trust disorders. Together, these can inhibit the ability to feel and/or bond with other living things - and therefore to hinder exchanging genuine love. This site further proposes that adults' combined wounds and una-wareness (a) promote unwise courtship choices and divorce, usually (b) pass on to dependent children, and (c) degrade per-sonal life-quality, health, and longevity.

        Here recovery and healing refer to honestly assessing yourself or another adult or child for significant wounds, and helping each other intentionally reduce them over time. Pseudo recovery is a protective false-self strategy to mimic recovery thoughts and behaviors without risking real inner changes. Evi-dence of this: false-self symptoms don't shrink. Lesson 1 here focuses on intentional personal wound-healing over time.

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