Lesson 1 of 7 - free your true Self to guide you


Recovery: Are You Ready
to do "Parts Work"
(Lesson 1, part 3)?

By Peter Gerlach, MSW

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  Updated  03-24-2015

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      Lesson 1 in this self-improvement Website is about understanding, assessing for, and reducing psychological wounds from early-childhood abandonment, neglect, and abuse (trauma). The Lesson has four sequential four parts:

1) Foundations - learn about childhood trauma, personality subselves, and Grown Wounded Children (GWCs),

2) Assess yourself for inherited psychological wounds;

3) Use ''parts work'' to free your true Self to guide you, harmonize your "inner family" of subselves, and reduce psychological wounds; and...

4) Learn how to spot and relate to wounded adults and kids.

      Take a few moments to scroll down the Lesson 1 page to gain an overall sense of how it's organized. Then come back here.

      The first two parts in Lesson 1 offer a LOT of information, and can take many hours to read and integrate. Some people already know most of these fundamentals, and don't need to study parts 1 and 2.

      Audio/visual learners can get the essence of parts 1 and 2 by watching some or all of the 48  videos in playlist 1b) on the "gerlach" YouTube channel (search YouTube with "gerlach 1b").

      If you can answer the questions below without ambivalence, you can skip to part 3. It will show you how to reduce your inherited  psychological wounds by doing ''parts work'' (inner-family therapy)

      Check to see that your true Self is guiding you before you answer these questions. If not, expect skewed results.

      Follow the link/s in each question, read each article, return here, and then answer the question.

1)  Was I significantly abandoned, neglected, and abused (traumatized) as a young child? Note that a common psychological wound is reality distortion including denial.

2)  Am I a Grown Wounded Child (GWC)?

3)  If so, which of the six psychological wounds do I have, and which are the most impactful in my current life?

4)  Can I describe what it means to be a GWC?

5)  Am I currently addicted to anything? If so, do these preliminary steps in Lesson 1 ("First Things First") and/or view the videos in playlist 1a) on the "gerlach" YouTube channel. .

6)  Do I accept that my personality is comprised of three types of talented subselves?  Can I name the types?

7)  Can I describe ''my true Self" and "a false self'' to another adult?

8)  How often in recent life have I been guided by my true Self? See this trait-comparison for reference.

9)  Can I clearly describe the toxic cycle of [wounds + unawareness] to another person? Has it significantly affected me and my family?

10)  Have I hit true bottom yet? (Am I really committed to reduce my wounds now?)

      If you had trouble answering any of these questions, patiently complete the steps in parts 1 and 2 of Lesson 1. Otherwise, learn how to harmonize your personality subselves (reduce your wounds) via "parts work" in part 3.

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