About ADD, HD, and Psychologtical Wounds

        My clinical experience with hundreds of typical low-nurturance U.S. families since 1981 reveals that ~ 15-25% of them have one or more adults or kids diagnosed with "Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)," and/or "Hyper-activity Disorder (HD)." More are probably undiagnosed. These disorders are commonly thought to be caused by hormone imbalances because their symptoms do abate with appropriately-prescribed medications.

        My clinical work strongly suggests that ADD and HD really indicate (a) low-nurturance childhoods caused by (b) wounded, unaware caregivers. If true, well-pre-scribed medications may control the symptoms, but not affect the real cause. As with alcoholism, some persons may be genetic-ally predisposed to developing these neuro-hormonal conditions.

        I suspect that most doctors (including psychiatrists) don't assess patients for surviving early-childhood neglect and having significant false-self wounds. I know of no research that has investigated this theory so far. This research generally supports, vs. validates, the premise above.

        If you know an adult or child diagnosed with ADD and/or HD (or simi-lar conditions like bi-polar disorder, Narcissism, clinical depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder), suggest  that they explore Lesson 1 here, and assess for significant false-self wounds. Once identified, these wounds can be reduced, and family nurturance improved!