What is Parental Abandonment?

     The attitudes, priorities, and actions of adults who are raising young children have a profound effect on kids' emerging personalities. Young kids depend on their adults to feel consistently recognized, valued, affirmed, touched, safe, and "good" (lovable).

     Psychologically- wounded, unaware parents (Grown Wounded Children) may conceive children without being able to fill these needs effectively. Perhaps the most destructive of six common psychological wounds is the inability to bond and love.

     Parental abandonment occurs when a father and/or mother (a) spends little time with a child and/or (b) is unable to bond and love - i.e. is "emotionally unavailable." They relate to the child out of duty and/or guilt, not genuine affection, caring, and delight. 

     Excessive and chronic abandonment combines with parental neglect and abuse ("trauma") to cause significant psychological wounds in young children,  continuing the lethal (wounds + unawareness] https://sfhelp.org/pop/cycle. htm

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