Seven Vital self-improvement Lessons

    This nonprofit Web site proposes that most average people are significantly stressed by unseen [psychological wounds + unawareness] inherited from their ancestors. This site provides seven modular Lessons for people interested in protecting their family and descendents from this toxic inheritance:

   1)  Free your wise resident true Self and reduce two to six "wounds."

   2)  Learn effective thinking and communication basics and skills

   3)  Learn to practice healthy three-level grief

   4)  Learn how to choose and maintain high-nurturance relationships

   5)  Learn how to evolve and maintain high-nurturance families

   6)  Learn kids' needs and effective parenting basics and skills

   7)  Use lessons 1-6 to evolve a high-nurturance stepfamily

   Then - alert other people to the cycle's effects and these 7 topics

Premise - Our schools and colleges do not teach these core subjects adequately, and our laws, policies, and citizens passively allow this. Three of many consequences are epidemic U.S. obesity, neglect, and divorce.

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