About the Magician Personality Subself

     A common personality subself may be called the Magician or Illu-sionist. S/He specializes in protecting one or more alarmed Inner Chil-dren by artfully causing  the host person believable thoughts and images that distort painful realities into safer perceptions. Common symptoms of this powerful Guardian subself in action are denial, repression, minim-izing, exaggerating, idealizing, projecting, "forgetting," and assu-ming. The Magician may work with other well-meaning Guardians like the Procrastinator, Distracter, Addict, Anesthetist, Liar-Con, People-pleaser, and Procrastinator to create soothing illusions and avoid major discomforts ("Naw, my sleep problems are from my old mattress, not anxiety.") 

      Before recovery from false-self wounds, typical Guardians distrust or aren't aware of the true Self and other competent Manager subselves. The Magician feels ceaseless responsibility for protecting the vulnerable Inner Kids. In true (vs. pseudo) recovery Guardians develop trust in the true Self, Nurturer, Adult, and other subselves and people to keep the Inner Kids safe enough. When that happens, the Magician may want to take on a new personality role, and reality distortions fade. self-improvement Lesson 1 here focuses on effective personal wound-reduction.

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