About Metasystems

   A metasystem is a system of related systems. Human-service providers need to assess the interactive effects of these systems on each client. Each subsystem can range from low-nurturance (dysfunctional) to high nurturance (functional). Providers may need to intervene in low-nurturance subsystems or advise the client to seek a better one.

   Typical independent systems affecting a given client can include one or more of these service providers, programs, and organizations:





legal / judicial


support groups

law enforcement



social networks

online sites

    Ideally, providers in each involved system will coordinate their service to a given client to minimize conflicts, duplication, and confusion. Agency case- managers can help to do this. Usually private-practice providers are unable to coordinate multiple service providers. 

   To judge the influence of a client's metasystem, providers need to know how to assess for (a) personal psychological wounds and unawareness, and (b) group nurturance levels