Courtship Danger Signs

Millions of average U.S. couples divorce or endure daily misery be-cause needy, wounded partners didn't know or heed their risks and made up to 6 unwise commitment choices. Common RED LIGHTS:

Partners having many false-self (wound) traits

Excessive urgency to cohabit and/or wed - dating less than 18-24 months

Many recent major life changes

A history of unsuccessful or no intimate adult relationships

Prior romantic/sexual affairs

No experience at living alone

Few or no real friends

A partner ignoring major doubts or ambivalence about commitment

A mate having major debts.

Partners ignoring Lessons 1 thru 4  or equivalent

Past or current addictions, inclu-ding cddependence, food, worka-holism, and Internet usage

Mates keeping major secrets

Partners often avoiding conflicts and repressing emotions

The more of these signs courting couples have and ignore, the higher their odds of stress and eventual psychological or legal divorce.  

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