About Interpersonal Intimacy

        Try saying your definition of intimacy now. It has two levels: emotional/spiritual, and physical. Emotional intimacy occurs when two people fully trust that they may reveal private information about themselves without fear of rejection, ridicule, or indifference. Emotional intimacy can occur between mates, friends, and family members. The intimacy level of any social relationship can be rated as none to full

    Most wholistically-healthy people yearn to be fully known, accepted, and respected by one or more other people, Partners who achieve that can become emotionally and perhaps physically intimate.

    Psychological wounds inherited from ancestors via early-childhood trauma can hinder or block the ability to trust other people with private personal information. That causes relationships to remain superficial, which limits friendship and spousal satisfaction.

    Lesson 1 provides an effective way to reduce these wounds, once they are admitted.  //  More detail