Prevent Divorce: Unwise Reasons to Commit

        In recent decades, millions of U.S. mates have divorced psychologically or legally. One of five related reasons is needy, unaware, wounded men and women committing  an alluring partner for the wrong core reasons, and denying that. These unwise reasons can include needs to... ...

  •  rescue someone

  •  end loneliness

  •  get parenting help

  •  prove something

  •  gain excitement

  •  end the "dating game"

  •  stop "living in sin"

  •  relieve financial stress

  •  get revenge and/or approval

  •  feel socially "normal"

  •  legitimize lust (reduce guilt)

  •  help one or more kids

  •  reduce fears and doubts

  •  gain freedoms

         Lessons 1 thru 4 in this divorce-prevention Web site offer courting partners a way to assess whether they're making three wise commitment choices.                                              

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