About Stepfamily Myths and Realities

     A common stepfamily hazard is adult ignorance of stepfamily norms and realities - i.e. not knowing they hold unrealistic (biofamily-based) role and relationship expectations of themselves and other family members.

    This is specially likely where adults deny, minimize, or ignore their identity as a multi-home stepfamily. Because they can differ in up to 70 structural and dynamic ways from average intact biofamilies, there are up to 60 common stepfamily myths (unrealistic expectations) promo-ted by uniformed ancestral, social, and media ignorance (lack of infor-mation).

     Examples: stepfamilies are (a) inferior and/or (b) pretty much like 'normal' (intact biological) families; (c) step-people must love each other; and (d) my partner's ex mate is dead, and (e) I adopted my mate's child, so we're not a stepfamily. The master adult myth is "we don't have to learn anything about stepfamilies - we already know enough." All of these are wrong.

     In this divorce-prevention Web site, family Lesson 7 is about accep-ting your stepfamily identity, and learning what it means.      

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