Stepfamily Reality #9 - Prior Marriages

        Divorce and/or spouse death end the primacy and legal contract of a marriage. They may not end the psy-chological bond between the former partners, specially if they're raising kids together. This is specially likely if one mate didn't want the divorce, and/or if either of them isn't done mourning their losses (broken bonds). 

        Re/weddings, cohabiting, child conceptions, stepchild adoptions, graduations, and other family events can trigger strong emotional and perhaps sexual feelings in divorcing co-parents well after their parting. "Endless" ex-mate hostility, and personal and legal bat-tles over child custody, financial support, and visitation, or constant demands for personal attention or assis-tance, all suggest a former relationship that is still psy-chologically alive. That often suggests significant false-self wounds in one or both ex mates.