7 Key Communication Awarenesses

        Three essentials for effective thinking and communicating in important situations are (a) your true Self (capital "S") leading your personality (b) knowledge of communication basics, and (c) clear awareness of at least seven of almost 50 relationship and communication variables:

  • false-self or true Self dominance in you and your partner/s

  • R(espect) messages: 1-up, 1-down, or "=/=" (mutual respect)

  • Current communication and underlying primary needs (discomforts)

  • Current E(motion)-levels - "above or below the ears"

  • Our shared focuses: person/s, topic, time, and matching or not

  • communication outcomes - needs met or not?

  • communication sequences and patterns

        Once aware of communication variables like these, partners can choose which of the other six skills to use to help each other fill current respective  needs. How often are you aware of these keys?    //     more detail