LESSON 2 - Learn Effective Communication Skills

     Living things communicate to fill their current needs. Humans routinely exchange up to five messages on three different channels to prevent or reduce discomforts. Paradoxically, we depend on com-munication more than any other learned skill to maintain our comfort and relationships, yet few people study how to do it effectively

    See how much you know about communication basics with this quiz. Unseen psychological wounds and ineffective communication are key causes of the tragic U.S. divorce epidemic; low-nurturance parenting; and most personal, family, and most social problems.

    self-improvement Lesson 2 will raise your' ability to fill daily needs by helping each other learn communication basics and skills, and teaching them to your kids and interested others. Success with this over time depends directly on significant progress with Lesson 1 - reducing psychological wounds from childhood neglect.                      video overview