About Clear vs. Fuzzy Thinking

        Do you think "better" at times than others? Do you know people who seem to think more clearly (vs. know more) than others? "Thinking" can be defined as the "voices" of your personality subselves. They may communicate effectively or "fuzzily."

        One of seven Lesson-2 skills is clear thinking. It uses communication awareness and knowledge to build your vocabulary over time, and to  intentionally avoid (a) vague, ambivalent words and phrases and (b) "hand-grenade" (emotionally-charged) words that raise partners' E(motion) levels and hinder accurate hearing. You're most apt to think clearly if your true Self leads your other personality subselves (Lesson 1).

        Common vague terms are it, that, them, they, those people, sometime, sort of, always, never, the problem, the issue, deal with, cope with, get over, upset, soon, this, stressed out, work through, and many more.

        Popular hand-grenade terms are abuse, rape, addict/ion; bigot, gay, homo, fail(ure), wimp, weak/ling, coward, childish, stupid, macho, bitch, loser, affair, slut, yellow, weak, pathetic, bully, selfish, irresponsible, unreasonable, illogical, oversensitive, insensitive, overemotional, sadistic, psycho, hysterical, self-centered, moron, Narcissistic, egotistical, and various racial and ethnic slurs like Kike, Nigger, and Greaser.

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