About Lesson 5: High-nurturance Families

      Families are two or more people with or without common genes, an-cestors, roots, histories, bonds, and responsibilities. They have existed in all ages and cultures because they can often fill a set of personal needs (nurture) better than other human groups.

      Over time, any family can be judged to be somewhere between "low nurturance" (dysfunctional) to "high nurturance" (functional), depending on how wounded and unaware the adults are, how well all family mem-bers' needs are met, and how they are met.

      Adults can raise their family's nurturance-level over time by inten-tionally reducing their wounds, and becoming more aware of (a) them-selves and the Lessons in this non-profit Web site.

      The higher their family nurturance-level, the better the odds that their kids won't inherit major psychological wounds and ignorance, and will become independent, wholistically-healthy adults who will create their own high-nurturance families.

      Lesson 5 builds on the concepts in Lessons 1 thru 4. these con-cepts can improve the effectiveness of all human groups and organiza-tions, not just families!                                                       More info   video