About Family Mission Statements

      Families persist in all ages and cultures because they are better able to nurture members (fill their needs better than other social groups. In the last 150 years, technology, divorce, and the population explosion have made family life much more complex.

        The symptoms of troubled U.S. families are everywhere - divorce, crime, obesity, depression, welfare, abortions, homelessness, gangs, ad-dictions, suicide, dropouts, runaways, etc.

        Many organizations include a vision or mission statement in their literature. These are succinct descriptions of "what we stand for and what we're trying to do." Well crafted, such statements provide inspiration and guidance in resolving complex internal or external problems - just as the U.S. constitution has.

       As the Information Age explodes and the world accelerates and shrinks, keeping families focused on their mission gets harder. One so-lution is family adults evolving a thoughtful mission statement to guide their members through stressful times. This requires adults to take pro-active interest in their family's operation and welfare, not just day-by-day passivity. It also requires adults to be wholistically healthy, informed, and guided by their true Selves.

      self-improvement Lesson 5  here is about evolving high-nurturance families.

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