What is a Family Nurturance Level?

        Premises: families exist in every age and culture because they (usually) fill a set of adult and child needs better than other types of groups - e.g. the needs for security, support,  acceptance, recognition, love, shelter, healthy touching, and companionship. Depending on the health, wisdom, and priorities of their adults, some families are more effective at filling their members' needs than others. To nurture means to fill the needs of some living thing.

        So depending on how often all members' needs are well-filled, any family can be judged as being somewhere between "very low nurturance" and "very high nurturance." Here this is called the family's nurturance level. Children raised in low-nurturance homes and families seem to develop up to six personality wounds which can significantly affect their lives until the wounds are admitted and reduced. self-improvement Lesson 1 here offers an effective framework for doing that over time.

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