About Grieving Policies

    A policy is a set of beliefs, values, rules, and priorities that governs person-al or group behaviors. Because all families need to grieve minor to major loss-es (broken bonds) across the years, the family leaders' attitudes and practi-ces about mourning form an unspoken "grief policy." If the adults are (a) who-listically healthy and (b) informed on healthy-grief basics, their grief policy will consistently promote healthy mourning in all their members and supporters. This creates a pro-grief home and family.

        If family leaders are significantly wounded and unaware of grief basics (the U.S. norm), they risk living from a policy that inhibits or blocks mourning in some or all members. They also risk modeling and teaching unhealthy grieving policies to their descendents.

        Incomplete grief seems to be a major unseen stressor in typical low-nurturance (dysfunctional) families. It promotes personal problems like obe-sity, 'depression,' and addictions; hinders healthy bonding, and promotes pre-mature death. Lesson 3 here focuses on "good-grief" basics, freeing up in-complete grief, and helping adults evolve pro-grief homes and families. Does your family have a healthy grieving policy?               sample policy