Is Your True Self Guiding You?

      Normal personalities seem to be composed of a number of speci8alized subselves. They each have different priorities, "jobs," and perceptions of the world. Without effective internal leadership, well-meaning subselves can cause impulsive, harmful thoughts and behaviors.

     Every person (like you) has a resident expert group-leader, coach, director, chairperson, or CEO - your true Self (capital "S"). When s/he is locally or consistently trusted by the other subselves to lead them, people report feeling emotions like these: 


●  calm, grounded, balanced

●  alert, alive, and awake

●  aware: wide-angle, long range

●  patient, organized

●  realistically optimistic

●  motivated, decisive

●  "light" (vs. "heavy")

●  serene, centered, grounded

●  "up" (vs. "I'm down")

●  compassionate

●  focused and clear

●  strong, resilient

●  creative, intuitive

●  enthused

      When controlled by other subselves (a ''false self''), people feel the opposite of these, and behave in ways that stress or harm themselves and others. Use Lesson 1 resources to free your Self to lead, and grow your inner harmony!  /  video  /  detail  /  poll