About Subself "Blending" (Take-overs)

        Premise: normal persaonalities are composed of an "inner family" of semi-independent subselves or parts. Inner-family systems pioneer Dr. Rich-ard Schwartz proposes the term blending to describe one or more agitated  subselves' infusing (disabling) the wise resident true Self with their current perceptions, needs, and emotions. When this happens, a blended adult or child displays characteristic behaviors like ambivalence, double messages, confusion, trouble focusing, mind-racing, self doubt, abuse, and self-neglect. 

        Blending occurs automatically in stressful situations because the agita-ted subselves want to survive and avoid or reduce discomfort. They don't know the Self exists, or they do know, but from childhood experience, don't trust the Self to fill their needs well enough. People who aren't aware they've often been ruled by a false self assume their blended state is normal. Until accumulated inner pain forces breaking denials and raising their awareness, they're not motivated to reduce their blending. Adult unawareness of frequent blending promotes major personal, family, and business problems.

        Inner-family threapy is an effective way of helping any adult or child (a) learn about their personality subselves, (b) who usually leads them, and (c) intentionally reduce blending, and empowering their Self to lead in calm and stressful times. Lesson 1 and the related guidebook Who's Really Running Your Life?  focus on these goals.                                         more detail