About Reality Distortions

        Starting in infancy, humans instinctively use their senses and minds to make "sense" of their local and larger worlds. "Reality" is our current perception of what is true or real.

      People raised in low-nurturance childhoods usually develop a protective "false self" to survive. A common false-self strategy and trait is to mis-perceive reality by denying, repressing, ra-tionalizing, exaggerating, idealizing, minimizing, projecting, in-tellectualizing, catastrophizing, and assuming.

      The master false-self distortion is denying these  - "I'm not distorting reality!" Reality distortion is one of six wide-spread wounds in typical survivors of early-childhood neglect.

        When people ruled by false selves intentionally empower their true Self to lead and harmonize their inner family (person-ality) their other subselves' need to distort drops, and clear per-ceptions of reality increase. Among other benefits, this pro-motes effective communication and problem-solving. Lesson 1 in this Web site provides an effective way to reduce psychological wounds and distortions.

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