About Excessive Fears (Anxieties)

        Fear is a primal animal response to possible pain, injury, and death. Moderate fears are healthy protections. Excessive fears are often formed in low-nurturance childhoods, and can significantly degrade self-respect, relationships, achievements, and health. What we fear, when, why, and how much is determined by who leads our personality. People controlled by over-fearful young and  Guardian subselves can be called fear-based. They display clear symptoms of this tragic wound.

        Common fears are of the unknown and/or of changing, losing control, success, social and/or internal ridicule, rejection, and/or  abandonment, fear of loss, and fear of fear. Can you think of others?

        These fears often spring from ruling subselves' distrust in the per-son's true Self and Higher power to reliably avoid these stressors. Effec-tive recovery from false-self dominance (Lesson 1) significantly reduces excessive fears over time by harmonizing the person's team of subselves (personality).                                        

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