How to Free Your True Self

        If a false self takes over your personality now, you can learn to free your wise Self (capital "S") to guide you with steps like these:

  • Study Lesson 1, and identify your team of subselves over time;

  • Remind yourself that (a) all your subselves mean well, and (b) may fuse with (disable) your Self if they don't trust her or him yet. Also recall that (c) distrustful Guardian subselves take over your Self when they sense an Inner Child is - or may be - upset. 

  • Breathe well, focus on your current emotions and thoughts and ask the subself causing them now to "step aside" from your Self so s/he can make effective decisions now. Reassure the subself you (your Self) will help fill her/his needs as soon as you can. If the subself re-fuses to "unblend," use "parts work" to gain this subself's trust.

  • Now see if you feel some of these emotions. If not, repeat these steps with the next subself who has taken over your Self. There may be sev-eral Guardians and/or inner kids who have done so.

  • Option: thank the subselves for cooperating, and follow up on attending their current needs. Reassure yourself that this sequence will become automatic with patience and practice.

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