About Your Integrity

     Can you say out loud (a) what your integrity is, and (b) how it affects the quality of your life? Premise: your integrity is all the key moral values (rights and wrongs, shoulds and shouldn'ts, and goods and bads) that your dominant personality subselves use to decide how to behave in any situation. You "violate your integrity" every time your ruling subselves convince you to do something your true Self and/or Inner Critic feel is "wrong" or "bad."

    For example, have you ever needed to lie? Were you taught to "tell the truth" and "be honest"? If so, lying when you "know better" violates your integrity. A common result is that you lose self respect. That degrades your relationships, achievements, contentment, and health. People who often violate their integrity are usually ruled by a false self. Once such people hit true bottom, they can benefit greatly from personal recovery via Lesson 1 or equivalent.

    People who "walk their talk" honor their integrity by consistently acting on  their own moral rules, despite temptations to break them. Can you think of such a person? Are you one? Would you agree that mates who (a) are clear on their identities and (b) put their integrities first, their relationship second, and all else third (except in emergencies) are more apt to have frequent serenity, self respect and self love; and high-nurturance families? If you disagree, what priorities do you use to make daily decisions?  //  video clip