About Lesson 1

        A common stressor in troubled families and relationships is one or more adults or kids not knowing they have significant psychological wounds from a low-nurturance childhood. Un-seen, these wounds combine with unawareness of key topics to promote unwise courtship and child-conception choices + ineffective communication and parenting + wounding minor children + incomplete grief + toxic relationships + eventual divorce + illness and premature death.

        To lower the odds of these tragedies, Lesson 1 helps adults (a) learn basic concepts, (b) assess themselves and others for significant psychological wounds, and (c) to heal where needed. "Healing" means reducing old shame, guilts, fears, re-ality distortions, and trust problems, and improving the ability to bond and love. All seven other lessons here depend on pro-gress with this one. The guidebook for Lesson 1 is Who's *Really* Running Your Life? (Xlibris.com, 4th ed., 2011).