6 Common Effects of Psychological Wounds and Ignorance

        Premise - young children deprived of too many nurturances develop a false self to survive. One result is living under the control of reactive, needy young and Guardian subselves (a "false self"), rather than their wise true SelfCommon effects of significant false-self dominance in adulthood are:


* Choosing wounded mates repeatedly, despite outcomes like divorce

* Unintentionally reproducing low-nurturance family environments, and wounding dependent kids;

* Unconsciously choosing harmful and/or unsatisfying (low nurturance) work, social, and religious relationships and settings;

* Having to reorganize their personality (i.e. free their true Self) to reduce behaviors like these;

* Choosing a human-service occupation, and/or hiring wounded pro-fessional helpers to reduce family stresses; and...

* Suffering significant stress, relationship and health problems, and dying prematurely, without knowing who they really were or could have become.

      Once aware of this and hitting true bottom, many Grown Wounded Child (GWC) can choose to recover, live better and longer, and protect their kids from these effects. Lesson 1 here provides an effective way do this.

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