About Living on Purpose

      Do you know someone who has a clear personal mission - who acknowledged their talents and uses them intentionally to achieve important goals? Do you also know someone who lives reactively and aimlessly - i.e. with no long-term purpose other than daily survival?

      When you approach your death, which of these lifestyles would you rather have experienced? Can you say out loud now why you're on Earth? What are you trying to do with your life, gifts, and energy? Some people learn this early in their years, and others much later. Tragically, some never do.

      Key factors in discovering your true life mission or purpose are intentionally (a) empowering your true Self to guide your personality, and (b) developing personal and social awareness.

      As your life experience grows, your mission (e.g. what you never tire of doing) will become apparent. People who haven't identified their life purpose are probably dominated by a false self  so far, and live in a low-nurturance environment. 

      Lesson 1 in this non-profit Web site is about empowering and living from your true Self, and reducing psychological wounds.

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