About Your "Self Talk"

        Occasionally or constantly, kids and adults experien-ce bursts of thoughts + images + feelings + hunches + "senses." These range from chaotic to orderly, like a com-mittee discussing, debating, or fighting. "Hyper" and A.D.D. people experience this as mind-racing or churning, which distracts from making "clear-minded" decisions.

        Premise: this self talk is several personality subselves arguing or expressing at the same time, vs. problem-sol-ving. Common vocal subselves are your dynamic Inner Kids, Critic, Perfectionist, Analyzer, Catastrophizer, Fanta-sizer, Worrier, and Controller. When your subselves trust your wise true Self to guide them, emotions stabilize and self-talk becomes orderly, focused, and effective! Family Lesson 1 focuses on achieving such trust and harmonizing your subselves.                                            more detail