About True and False Selves

        Premise - one of the subselves that comprise every normal personality is a talented group leader - the true Self (capital "S"). S/He is like an expert CEO, coach, director, chairman, captain, or musical conductor. As this subself matures, s/he increasingly excels at wide-angle, long-range goal-setting; focusing; delegating; confronting; negotiating; encouraging; guiding; analyzing; deciding; acquiring resources; praising; problem-solving; conflict management; and balancing. 

      When other subselves trust the Self and other Managers to lead, people report feeling notably light, "up," centered, strong, calm, grounded, purposeful, focused, resilient, alert, awake, confident, present, energized, serene, and clear - even in crises and conflicts.

        When you don't feel some mix of these, one or more distrustful, reactive Inner Kids and/or Guardian subselves (a "false self") has probably blended with (disabled) your Self. This is so common in people raised in low-nurturance childhoods they're usually unaware of it. Given the chance to lead, your Self wants to harmonize and coordinate your other subselves to achieve your unique purpose for being on Earth.  Lesson 1 in this site is a way to empower your Self and harmonize your subselves over time.

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