About Suicide

        Teens and adults have killed themselves actively or via self-neglect throughout every age and culture. Others endure exhaustion, despair (hopelessness), and relentless pain for dependent children and/or other loved ones. The family-nurturance and inner-family concepts underlying this non-profit Web site suggest why people choose to die.

        Human behavior aims to reduce local discomforts (needs). When best efforts repeatedly fail to reduce local discomforts to tolerable, a la-tent Suicider subself can try to dominate other subselves. S/He says: "I know a sure way to end this agony - let me take charge." Each other personality subself has unique goals, values, and tolerances for pain and exhaustion, so s/he may agree or oppose this well-intentioned Guardian subself. This conflict causes the confusion and ambivalence that most people considering suicide experience.

        From this view, the root causes for suicidal thoughts and actions are unawareness of (a) a low-nurturance childhood and local environment, (b) related psychological wounds, and (c) effective healing options. In this non-profit site, Lesson 1 provides a framework for assessing for such wounds and reducing them

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