What is an Effective Parent?

     Parent is a role chosen or accepted by a family adult. The role-holder can be a part-time or full-time, and genetically related to a child or not. The goals of this complex role are to (1) learn the developmen-tal and any special needs of each dependent kid, (2) work patiently to fill those needs (nurture) effectively while filling their own needs, and to (3) break the ancestral [wounds + unawareness] cycle.

      The ultimate goal over two decades is to prepare young adults to leave home willingly, live independently, take responsibility for their own welfare and personal growth, and raise their own children effec-tively - while their parents remain healthy, balanced, and growing throughout these years.

      Since this outcome isn't fully measurable until the grown child be-comes a parent, being effective in a parental role is best judged by estimating the family's recent nurturance level (very low to very high). There are three or more judges: each parent, each dependent child (including grandkids), and other concerned people. This 7-Lesson course promotes effective parenting! 

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