Essential Stress-prevention Topics

        Premise from over two decades of clinical study and experience: most family and relationship stress and divorce is caused by adults' unawareness and lack of factual knowledge about...

  • high-nurturance relationships and families, and effective parenting;

  • personality subselves, psychological wounds, and wound-reduction;

  • the [wounds + unawareness] cycle  that is spreading and degrading our culture

  • effective-communication and problem-solving basics and skills;

  • healthy grieving basics, and how to spot and free blocked mourning;

  • divorce phases and recovery, and optionally...

  • stepfamily basics, realities, hazards, and safeguards.

        Premise - any motivated person can (a) learn about these topics, and (b) help break the lethal [wounds + unawareness] cycle by encouraging family members and other people to learn and apply these self-improvement Lessons to their lives and relationships.

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