About Surface and Primary Needs

        All human behavior tries to prevent or reduce emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual discomforts - i.e. to fill needs. Meditation usually discloses that what you think you need ("I need to balance my checkbook") is a surface or secondary need caused by several underlying primary needs ("I really need to reduce my anxieties about bouncing checks + low-ering my credit rating + embarrassment and guilt + incurring a bank fee.")

       We're usually OK focusing on our surface needs. To re-solve major or chronic conflicts problems effectively, use awareness and dig-down skills to discern (a) what each in-volved person really needs, and  (b) who's responsible for fil-ling each major need.

      Lesson 2 in this Web site offers seven learnable skills to help you identify and fill your primary needs, and help other people fill theirs when they wish help.