About Spirituality and Spiritual Needs

        Most adults develop a vague or clear sense of human spirituality (vs. reli-gion). Personalities, relationships, and families range between "spiritually una-ware" and "very spiritual." Many thoughtful adults include "spiritual health" as one of four essential components of personal wholistic health. Do you?

        Premises - every person has unconscious needs to evolve (a) spiritual  (vs. religious) awareness and growth, (b) faith in, and experiential contact with, a be-nign and responsive Higher Power; and (c) the ability to calmly maintain these in the face of doubts and social criticism, scorn, trauma, and/or rejection. Every child needs empathic spiritual guidance and modeling from childhood caregivers. The inherited cycle of [wounds and unawareness] often inhibits caregivers from filling this need. Common result: kids grow up unaware of the spiritual side of their personality and relationships, and of (b) their right to seek spiritual aware-ness, guidance, and growth.

        Our for-profit U.S. media ceaselessly promotes adults' and kids' obsession with speed + excitement (stimulation) + instant gratification. These hinder adults  from modeling meditation and spiritual growth for minor kids. Some kids develop motivation to grow spiritually, and others do not.

        Parents who evolve high-nurturance families consistently value spiritual awareness and growth in their family members. Spiritual awareness and growth is essential for reducing psychological wounds from low-nurturance childhoods over time. Lesson 1 in this Web site focuses on reducing wounds and unawareness.

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