About the Abandoned Child Personality Subself

        How would you define abandonment to a pre-teen child? Have you ever felt abandoned - ignored, scorned, and rejected by some-one you depended on? Young children whose wound-ed caregivers aren't emotionally or physically available enough adapt instinctively to survive. They develop an "Abandoned Child" personality subself and protective Guardian subselves like a Fantasizer, Magician, and/or People-pleaser. The first two are specialists at distracting Inner Children  from terror, shame, hurt, and anger. The Pleaser specializes in eliciting attention, acceptance, and praise from other people. These subselves promote the wide-spread adult condition of codependence (re-lationship addiction).

        Typical adults in troubled (low nurturance) families often survived agonizing early-childhood abandonment (neglect) and abuse. They're covertly dominated by overactive Guardian sub-selves and the inner children they protect - a "false self." Les-son 1 here provides an effective way for adults to calm exces-sive shame and fears, retrain Guardian subselves, and empower the resident true Self  (capital "S") to harmonize and guide other subselves.                                                           More detail