About the Abuser / Tyrant / Sadist  Personality Subself

    An abuser is someone who chronically justifies using helpless people to satisfy his or her own needs. A tyrant is someone who is self-centered, demanding, shaming (disrespectful), aggressive (vs. assertive), and controlling with other people. Sadists enjoy dominan-ce, power, and causing pain to other living things.

    Adults and kids with these traits are often controlled by one or se-veral young and/or Guardian personality subselves including a Magi-cian, who justifies or excuses these behaviors. Together, these sub-selves (a) disable the resident true Self, and (b) promote these traits despite social disapproval. Such wounded people may also be influ-enced by their Inner Critic and Guilty Child subselves to cause re-morse feelings and behaviors. Then the person repeats his or her or-iginal behaviors again - perhaps saying "I can't help it."

    Typical people dominated by this subself experienced (a) major neglect and abuse as young kids, and (b) were taught that this was their fault ("You make me whip you!"). People controlled by these subselves are NOT "bad" or "evil," they're wounded and don't know what to do about it.

    Lesson 1 in this non-profit Web Site offers wounded people an effective way to reduce their psychological wounds and harmonize their team of talented, devoted subselves over time.              More detail