About Your Pusher / Driver / Achiever Personality Subself

    Do you know someone who is notably intent on getting things done and be-ing productive? Most healthy adults and kids want to do (accomplish) things now and long-range. Normal modular personalities include a Manager subself which specializes in providing motivation and drive ("energy") to "get things done now." In harmonious personalities led by a true Self, this Achiever subself is very valuable.

      Typical survivors of low-nurturance childhoods develop personalities ruled by reactive Inner Children and their Guardian subselves. That can mean (a) their Achiever and related Guardians become too powerful (a "Type A" or driven per-sonality), or (b) the Achiever is squelched by other subselves, causing apathy, boredom, self-indulgence, and living without a long-term purpose. In both cases, these subselves distrust or ignore the leadership of wise Manager subselves.

      Lesson 1 here offers an effective way to improve either scenario by rebal-ancing subselves under the wise guidance of your true Self and nurturing Higher Power. Signs of this occurring are a person (a) wanting to balance work with per-iods of rest, self-growth, and play; and (b) feeling more serene and satisfied  more often. Do you know anyone who is intentionally maintaining this balance and inner peace? Are you? If you could talk with your busy Pusher/ Achiever subself, what would you praise or ask?

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