About Your Practical Adult Personality Subself

    Premise - normal human personalities are composed of a group of semi-inde-pendent subselves. One of them evolves the special talent of making practical every-day plans and decisions, like making appointments, balancing debts and income, acquiring necessities, problem-solving, managing a home, attending personal hygiene, etc.

     In harmonious personalities, this Adult or Common-sense subself cooperates with other Managers like the Achiever to "get things done," with the coaching of the true Self and Spiritual One. The Self (capital "S") has (a) wider vision and (b) more team-leadership skills than the Adult. Like all subselves, the Adult is con-stantly expanding its skills by learning and integrating daily experiences. This subself usually has gender-specific values and traits  which may match the body's gender ["Ramona is a feminine (or masculine) woman."]   

     When the Self is disabled by distrustful Inner Children and their Guardian sub-selves (a false self), the Adult's practical wisdom and focus may also be over-powered. Such people can seem "childish" or "immature," despite having an adult body. Sometimes an over-zealous Adult subself and allied Guardians like the Perfectionist, Idealist / Optimist, Inner Critic, and Warrior/Amazon, can dis-able the Self. Symptoms of this are often overfocusing on short-term problems and details, and not regularly balancing work, play, rest, and personal growth.

     If a person is ruled by a false self and 'hits bottom,' Lesson-1 recovery can gradually (a) raise all subselves' trust in the Self's leadership, (b) reduce exces-sive personality-influence of Inner Kids and their Guardians, and (c) free the Adult to work with the other Manager subselves to make wise, practical decisions.

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