About the Artist / Creative Personality Subself

     Can you define "artistic"? Do you know someone who is unusually creative, imaginative, and artistic? Would people describe you that way? Adults and kids vary in these abilities from "none" to "gifted."

     This variance depends partly on whether people (a) have active, well-developed Artist / Creative / Musical / Poetic / Author / Inventor / Sculptor / Decorator / Chef / Designer (etc.) personality subself. Ty-pical shame-based people may discount innate creative and innovative talents ("Nah, I can't write") because they've been taught that even mer-ited self-praise is bragging, egotistical, and despicable.

     Would you agree that "artistry" and "creativity" are instinctive with some people and learnable by others? Some people have developed a Manager subself with these gifts, and others have a Curious Inner Child  and/or a Creative / Artistic inner Child who is free from adult constraints ("logic") in inventing and implementing novel ideas.

     Here, Lesson 1 offers an effective way to identify, accept, integrate, and harmonize your inner family (team) of talented personality subselves under the expert leadership of your True Self (Capital "S"). Do you have a talented Artist / Creative subself who is free to express itself?

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