About the Bastard / Bitch Personality Subself

    Have you ever labeled someone a bitch or bastard? Has anyone called you one of those? How would you define those terms to a pre-teen? Wounded people use disparaging labels like these to describe someone who is often harsh, selfish, insensitive, cruel, sadistic, dis-honest, disrespectful, and aggressive - i.e. "bad."

    A more helpful view is to see such people as helplessly controlled by a well-meaning personality subself who can be called the Bitch or Bastard. Its ceaseless goal is to protect one or more naive inner children from more pain and harm. "More" suggests that the host person survived a lot of agonizing neglect and abuse in a low-nur-turance childhood. Often they are burdened by excessive shame, guilt, and fears - and they don't know how to reduce them.

    Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site provides perspective on per-sonality subselves, and practical options for (a) freeing the resident true Self  (capital "S") to lead and harmonize them, and for (b) re-ducing psychological wounds.

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