About the Egotist / Narcissist Personality Subself

    Mythology describes Narcissus falling in love with his image in a pool. An egotist is someone who is "self-centered" and has an exaggerated view of her or his worth and talents. Some wounded people have an overactive Guardian subself which may be called the Egotist / Narcissist. S/He causes such people to be "full of themselves," have a "swelled head," and ignore or discount other people.

    This well-meaning personality subself may team up with a Selfish Child ("Fill my needs now!"), an Entitled One, Aggressive Child; a Competitor, who cease-lessly strives to "be better" than other people; and/or a Judge, who's specialty is criticizing other people. A clever Magician subself can provide convincing reasons this superior, self-centered attitude is justified.

    A typical Egotist / Narcissist subself strives tirelessly to protect one or more Shamed subselves from feeling that they're worthless, disgusting, inept, and un-lovable. The Anxious Child, Abandoned Child, and Catastrophizer, are sure if other people knew how worthless the person was, they'd scorn, reject and aban-don him or her - just as early caregivers did in real life. Alternatively, shame-based parents' subselves over-praised their young child, set few limits, and didn't encourage and model genuine humility and respect for other people.

    Effective recovery from psychological wounds (Lesson 1) evolves healthier ways to protect Inner Kids from excessive shame, guilt, and fears - partly by encouraging Guardians like the Egotist  / Narcissist  to trust the true Self, Higher Power, and healthy other people, and relax. As this happens, an "egotistical" person be-comes notably more empathic and aware of others, and more considerate and supportive in their relationships.

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